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An RV is a great motor vehicle that allows you to stay out on the road, but still have access to great amenities that you can’t have when in a small vehicle. One of the best luxuries on any RV is a mattress. A great mattress on your RV allows you to rest comfortably each night and be ready for the morning drive through the country. Most RVs come equipped with high quality mattresses, but over time you may need a replacement mattress. You spend a good amount of money for your RV, so chances are that you want a mattress that only adds to the luxury.

Knowing what to look for in an RV mattress and where to search is not always easy, but this information will help:

Many Sizes and Shapes to Choose From

One thing you can be sure of when you begin searching for an RV mattress is that plenty of options are available. You can choose from different shapes to a wide variety of sizes. You need to take into consideration the size and configuration of your RV. The trick is to choose a mattress that makes sleeping easy, but does not take up an excess amount of space.

Common RV Mattress Size Options

When you need to know the amount of space that your mattress should take up, this means that you need to measure. The areas that you need to measure include the width from one side to the other side. The length from top to bottom is another measurement that you will need and the height of the mattress should also be something that you take into consideration. Some of the most commonly purchased size options for RV mattresses include queen short and three quarter size. The queen short RV mattress is 60”x75” and the three quarter short RV mattress is 48”x75.” Even though these are two of the most commonly purchase RV mattress sizes, there are many more options that you can choose from.

Where Should You Buy an RV Mattress?

Not only do you need to be aware of the size of your mattress, but you also need to know the best places to find mattresses for your RV. There are a number of different RV mattress sources, but the best options include Excel Distributors Mattress, Camping World RV Mattresses and shopping for RV mattresses through Amazon.

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