About Us

We are a family run business, with deep-rooted passions for the RV lifestyle and the adventures it brings.   We love to share our stories and listen to the exciting new journeys of others.

We wish to provide an outstanding RV experience for all of our clients and become a household name in Texas!  Provide 5-star customer service, Quality units, and Memories that will last a lifetime!

When I sit down and think why I rent RV’s, or whats the real purposes:  I find I love being to offer the means to the memories they can bring to a family or group of friends.  Not everyone wants to buy an RV, nor can afford to buy one, but would still love to take their group on amazing adventures.  Such as: Grand Canyon adventure, Niagara falls, Disney (east or west coast) all the way to a simple marshmallow campfire.  So do we do?  Provide the vehicle to the experiences of a lifetime.

About the Owner

Joseph O’Rourke is a career military man who has served 16 Years in the United States Army and 4 years in United States Navy.  During his Army career he served as a combat UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot, while deployed to harsh lands such as Iraq and Afghanistan the dream of RisingSunRV was born!  His son Joseph decided to study business and took over the daily operations of the company.  Joseph the II is a born leader with vision that mirrors that of the owner.  Together this father/son team will see RisingSunRV grow to an empire within its industry. Along with two other young adults in the family, they too will see their place within the corporation. His daughter has been accepted to the University of San Antonio and will pursue law, while the youngest RisingSunRV member is seeking a basketball scholarship.  Together, we are working very hard to satisfy our customers, bring them great units and build relations with our owners.